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Anaconda Jerk 155 WS

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 Anaconda Jerk 155 WS
 Anaconda Jerk 155 WS  Anaconda Jerk 155 WS  

Jerkbait ledad.


Vikt 40 gram Längd 155mm

Hög kvalitet och tillverkad i trä.

Anaconda Jerk 155 - an exclusive three-piece wooden jerk.
Due to the unique construction of the makeup,
the jerk has a natural, imitating behavior of the wounded fish game.
Recommended for catching wiring with a small or medium jerk.
It keeps a good pause on the average snatch
, is stable with a short and frequent jerk.
It shows good results when catching a predator of any degree of activity,
and in periods when the predator is inactive with Anaconda Jerk,
there is no equal in performance. Sinking.

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