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Blue Power Nylonlina 100m

32:- 49:- -33%

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 Blue Power Nylonlina 100m
 Blue Power Nylonlina 100m    

Nylonlina 100m extra stark och tålig lina för allroundfiske.

0,16mm 3,60kg
0,18mm 4,50kg
0,20mm 5,20kg
0,22mm 6,00kg
0,25mm 7,70kg
0,28mm 9,50kg
0,30mm 11,20kg
0,35mm 13,00kg
0,40mm 15,10kg

High-tensile line with an early stretch limit,
it holds the knot well, it is recommended for all types of fishing.

Due to its durability and increased unwinding,
the fishing line will last for several seasons.
• Increased breaking load
• Holds the node securely
• Early limit of extensibility
(good bait control)

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