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Flugrulle Verso 34

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 Flugrulle Verso 34
 Flugrulle Verso 34    

Flugrulle AFTM #3/4
För det lättare flugisket.

I gjuten aluminium.
Enkelt att ställa om vevsida
Vikt: 145gr
Daimeter ca 75mm

Fly Reel - a series of fly-fishing all-metal coils that
meet the highest requirements of flyers.
Light and strong, thanks to the new technology of
semi-continuous casting SmartTech with subsequent machining,
they will cope with any task.

Thanks to anodizing the coils are not afraid of salt water.
The brake system is made in a combination of graphite-stainless
steel with high braking properties,
completely hermetic and equipped with an increased stroke adjustment.

The coils are equipped with ball bearings and a reinforced
free-wheeling clutch for retraction.
The quick-release drum will allow you to perform a routine
inspection of the inner coil mechanism without much effort.

Coils have the ability to swap from the right hand to the left and vice versa.
All series of coils were tested and received positive feedback
from amateur anglers and professionals.

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