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Haspelrulle Hekona

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 Haspelrulle Hekona
 Haspelrulle Hekona  Haspelrulle Hekona  

En baitrunner rulle som oftast används för bottenmete,feeder och karpfiske.
Men fungerar utmärkt likväl för vanligt fiske med kastbeten.
Tillverkad i slagtålig komposit så man får en
stark rulle som väger mindre.

5 kullager

Extra spole medföljer.

Storlek 3000
0,35mm/100m,gear ratio 5,2:1,vikt 330g
Storlek 4000
0,35mm/120m,gear ratio 5,2:1,vikt 340g
Storlek 5000
0,35mm/200m,gear ratio 5,1:1,vikt 360g

Hekona coil series (4 + 1)
Baitrunner is a series of inertia-free coils with a baitrunner system.
The gear ratio on the coils of 3000 and 4000 is 5.2: 1, by 5000 5.1: 1.
The body of the coil, its rotor, is made of an impact-resistant composite polymer.
In the design of the coil, four bearings are installed, providing an easy move.

The mechanism of baitrunner allows you to instantly regain control of the fish.
The strengthened arch of the line layer with the cone guide and the enlarged
bearing roller does not allow the line to twist at the moment of casting the bait,
and it will allow to lay the line perfectly when winding on the spool.

The presence of the front and rear clutch of the coil allows for fine tuning.
The reels of this series are designed for lovers of bottom fishing methods,
feeder and carp fishing, as well as for lovers of catching bait.

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