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Haspelrulle Optima

295:- 595:- -50%

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 Haspelrulle Optima
 Haspelrulle Optima  Haspelrulle Optima  

Lågvikts rulle med kropp i slagtålig komposit ger en stark och lätt rulle.
5 kullager.
Gear ratio 5.2: 1

Extra spole medföljer.

Storlek 500
0,20mm/100m-Vikt 205g
Storlek 1000
0,20mm/115m-Vikt 220g
Storlek 2000
0,20mm/160m-Vikt 260g

The Optima coil series (4 + 1 BB) is a classic series of
inertia-free coils with a gear ratio of 5.2: 1.
In the coils are placed four bearings, which allow the coil to operate
under extreme conditions and withstand significant loads when fishing.

The body of the coil, its rotor, is made of an impact-resistant composite polymer.
The strengthened arch of the line layer with the cone guide
and the enlarged bearing roller, will prevent twisting of the line when
casting the bait and will ideally lay the line when winding it onto the bobbin.

Smooth adjustment of the front clutch allows you to fine tune your tackle
and prevent possible jerks of the fish and its descent.
Akara Optima coils (4 + 1 BB) are available in sizes 500, 1000, 2000
and can be used in many fishing methods at the request of the angler.
Coils with an optimal price-quality ratio.

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