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Haspelrulle Pro Jig

375:- 645:- -42%

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 Haspelrulle Pro Jig
 Haspelrulle Pro Jig  Haspelrulle Pro Jig  

En lågvikts haspelrulle med grafitkropp.
Anpassad för att även kunna passa fiske med ryck som vid jiggfiske.
Extra spole medföljer.

6 kullager
Gear ratio 5,1:1
Storlek 1000 0,25/110m-vikt 240g
Storlek 2000 0,25/125m-vikt 244g
Storlek 3000 0,25/245m-vikt 279g

The increased overtravel override clutch allows the Pro Jig
to be used both in jerky and even wiring.
Thanks to the perforation of the body leg, the coil has additional stiffeners,
which increases the strength characteristics and reduces weight.

When designing this model, a computer balancing system CB
(Computer Balanced) was used, which gives the Pro Jig a smooth and even stroke.
The power unit of the coil is made of a pair of carbide aluminum-bronze.
Rubberized hilt. A hollow lightweight arch of the line layer.
The material of the body is graphite.

Fishing reel «Pro Jig»:
• lightweight carbon composite body
• precise line roller for braided line up to 0,6 mm diameter
• increased life of the spool mechanism
• main semi-match metal spool
• super precise rotor balancing system
• lightweight aluminium handle shank
• corrosion resistant coating of all parts
• reinforced hollow bail
• bronze worm shaft
• spare spool

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