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Haspelrulle Yamato Sensei FS


Dessa alternativ finns:

Tillfälligt slutsåld
 Haspelrulle Yamato Sensei FS
 Haspelrulle Yamato Sensei FS  Haspelrulle Yamato Sensei FS  

En haspelrulle för finsmakaren och den som fiskar ofta
Worm gear endless screw och korsvis linläggning.
Aluminium chassi.
11+1 kulager
Utväxling 5,0:1
Extra spole i aluminium och carboninlägg.

Sensei FS is the flagship of the Yamato Series coil range.
Equipped with a worm gear (an endless screw).
The case is made of aluminum alloy.
The mechanism of increased reliability is designed for long-term use.

The power structure of the aggregates,
along with the precision fit of the machine parts,
makes the coil move smoothly, and the operation of the systems is impeccable.
Equipped with a cruciform laying system.
The reinforced handle with a metal support
is equipped with a neoprene holder.

Lightweight spool with carbon insert.
The U-shaped roller of the fishing line stacker allows
the use of cords with a diameter of 0.06 mm.
Equipped with stainless steel bearings and internal parts
of the mechanism with anti-corrosion coating.

Additional washers are supplied to change the shape
of the fishing line on the spool (straight, conical).
Yamato series fishing reel «Sensei»:
• composite reel body
• increased durability of the reel mechanism
• rotor extra precise balancing system
• extra light aluminium spool with carbon inserts
• reinforced aluminium handle manufactured with forging cold technology
• increased length drag tension
• crosswise spooling system
• anti corrosion coating on all of the reel parts
• enchansed hollow wire
• convenient ergonomical neoprene handle
• precision ball bearings

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