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1.Teleskopspö Wolf Short 10-35g
2.Haspelspö Trophy 30g
3.Haspelspö MS Jaguar Spin 5-35g 7fot
4.Teleskopspö Tornado Tele Spin 5-25g

Haspelspö Futura IM8 10-30g


Dessa alternativ finns:

 Haspelspö Futura IM8 10-30g
 Haspelspö Futura IM8 10-30g  Haspelspö Futura IM8 10-30g  

Haspelspö med IM8 grafit och klinga tillverkad med
Experience Effect Rod Technology,
ger starka spön som tål även mer krävande fiske.
Bra kvalitet till riktigt bra pris.

Längd 2,10m
Kastvikt 10-30g
Längd isärplockad 1,12m
Spövikt total 139g

Rods in this series along with good throwing characteristics
have the form with increased sensitivity when posting.
Such characteristics have been achieved through the use
of technology Experience Effect Rod Technology,
in which the process of thermal drying form occurs under pressure.

This technology allows us to form a denser and faster to work,
spinning collected on these forms is called "ringing".
Good quality / price ratio made popular Futura spinning like
advanced and novice anglers have.

Medium-fast action, combined with increased strength characteristics
allow their use in the most severe conditions
(high loads, negative temperature).
When playing a fish well quenches her jumps and even
copes with the trophy specimen.
Computed Cast Balance is used in rings installation,
which succeeded the most widely disclose all
specifications spinning. Graphite mark IM-8.

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