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Haspelspö Twitchmaster TX20 198cm 10-28g

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 Haspelspö Twitchmaster TX20 198cm 10-28g
 Haspelspö Twitchmaster TX20 198cm 10-28g  Haspelspö Twitchmaster TX20 198cm 10-28g  

Twitch spön passar vanligt haspelfiske men perfekt även när man fiskar
hårda och mjuka beten med korta och snabba ryck.
X fast aktionen i klingan ger dig snabb kontakt med betet
och fisken.

Spö Twitchmaster 2 del
Klinga i Japan tillverkad Toray high modulus carbon TX-20 (30-ton).
Kujira högkvalitets flow spöringar.

Kastvikt 10,5-28gram.
Spövikt totalt 122gram
Längd 1,98m
Tillverkad med UPIT teknologi ger
ett snabbt spö med låg vikt och perfekta twitch egenskaper.

Twitch fishing requires hard and reliable, lightweight and fast spinning rods.
Surf Master has released a series of rods Twitch Master.

The line is presented in three tests of 5-15, 10.5-28 and 14-42 g,
in two standard sizes of 1.98 m and 2.10 m. Light weight of fishing rods,
equipment with reliable modern reel holders,
comfortable spaced handle, Kujira flow rings.

All this allows you to confidently control
and achieve the desired wiring.
The Surf Master Twitch Master spinning blanks are made of
high modulus carbon TX-20 (30-ton) manufactured by the Japanese Toray group.

Modern UPIT technology, in which the spinning sheet is rolled
under pressure in a thermal chamber, the technology allows you
to create forms with a minimum amount of binder and a high twisting density.
This makes our spinning necks, sensitive, with full preservation
of the strength characteristics.

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