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1.Monster 21cm 100g
2.Musky Killer Jerk 125 WS
3.Roach Jerk 150 WS
4.Anaconda Jerk 155 WS

Roach Jerk 150 WS

59:- 159:- -63%

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 Roach Jerk 150 WS
 Roach Jerk 150 WS  Roach Jerk 150 WS  

Högkvalitets bete tillverkad i trä.


Längd 150 mm Vikt 80 gram

Colour scale selected for diferent light levels

High quality hooks

All models designed by professional fishers

All models are sample tested

Roach Jerk 150 is a bestseller bait in pike fishing.
This jerk has an accented keel load.
Recommended for catching wiring with medium or small jerk.
It shows good results when catching a predator of any degree of activity,
attracting it from long distances.
The color scale is formed by the results of many years of
testing and consists of the most working colors.

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