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Spinnfiskeset Black Sensei


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 Spinnfiskeset Black Sensei
 Spinnfiskeset Black Sensei  Spinnfiskeset Black Sensei  Spinnfiskeset Black Sensei

Lyxigare spinnfiskeset spö och rulle(ej lina ,beten)
Låg vikt spö+rulle väger endast ca 365gram.

Både spö och rulle i högre kvalitet på alla detaljer.
Perfekt för lättare till medeltungt fiske.

Rulle Yamato Sensei Cast
Lågprofilrulle i högre kvalitet.
9+1 presicionskullager från USA.
Gear ratio 6.3:1
Rullens totala vikt 240g.

Välj vevsida ni ska ha på rullen med pilen i rutan vevsida.

Yamato Sensei Cast SC is the flagship
of the baitcast reels from Surf Master.
It is assembled on a metal frame and equipped with a linear magnetic brake.
The hard-alloy coating of the main gear makes it long-lasting.

Smooth running of the bobbin and increased casting distance
was achieved through the installation of NMB bearings
by the National Precision Bearing Group (USA).

The weight of the spool is 21.4 g, diameter 25 mm.
The gear ratio is 6.3: 1. Yamato series bait casting reel «Sensei Cast»:

• automatic magnetic and mechanic brake system
• quick access to the inner mechanism of the reel
• lightweight reel body
• increased durability of the reel mechanism
• lightweight high-profile aluminium spool
• high-precision friction clutch
• precision ball bearings

Spö Black Bass

Längd 1,95meter
Kastvikt 7-21gram
Längd isärtagen 1,02meter
Spö totaltvikt ca 123gram

BLACK BASS Cast TX-20 casting spinning with
forms of different structure.UPIT technology is used in the
production of the blank.

Thanks to the use of Toray's graphite and the innovative technology
of weaving the blank, Black Bass spinning has an increased
sensitivity during wiring, which makes it irreplaceable for contact
types of fishing: jig, tweak, retraction, catching on Texas rigging.

The arrangement of the rings is made using the
New Guide System technology, which allows you to optimally place
the rings, determine their number and size (weight).

Spaced cork handle. Graphite Toray brand TX-20 (30-ton).
Low profile light rings
Kujira XR Super Hard ZrO2 (1600-1800H, kg / mm2).

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