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FF Drainer Disc 6mm



Cone/Disc med hål för att tillföra mer liv till flugan.
Diameter 6mm med hål på 1,9mm som passar 1,8mm tuber.

The FF Drainer Disc is the first of its kind to
be seen on the Flytying market, its made out of
brass and comes in many colors.

The idea was to make a Disc/Conehead that allows
water to slip through the head to make more movement
and some Sonic vibrations, but in the same time,
push the water away from the fly to make even
more movement in the materials like our FF Ufo Disc

In the 8mm version you can also feel when lifting
it out of the water it slips the water easier.
There are many possibilities with the FF Drainer Disc,
try pull some rubberlegs out through holes,
it looks crazy in the water.
Comes with a holesize in 1,9mm 10 in a pack

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