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Spinnare Aglia Action S01 RT 5gram

28:- 45:- -38%

Tillfälligt slutsåld

Hög kvalitets spinnare ur Actions Series
testade noggrant under lång tid av professionella fiskare.

Vikt 4gr passar bland annat abborre,
ädelfiske såsom öring,regnbåge,harr,röding mm.

Universal spinner for fishing on any type of water.
Due to the large angle of blade attack is possible to
roll on the minimum speed, and when fishing on stream to
keep the lure without retrieving,
letting it move down slowly with a stream.
Action Series lures collection has been throughly selected
and is based on long-time testing results.
The lures are made of color metals with the use of the most up-to-date technology,
equipped with the high quality accessories.
A special shock resistant finish secures the paint and
protects it from all sorts of damage.
Individual packaging.

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